Handmade by Teething Treasures, these dummy clips are a stylish way to keep bubs dummy close and save it from hitting the ground! These silicone dummy clips are soft and flexible.


In Australia, pacifier clips are mandated to comply with minimum safety standards for their construction and materials used. Under Australian Consumer Goods Legislation the maximum length of the entire chain cannot be longer than 22cm, so as not to become a strangulation hazard.

Teething Treasures are no longer than 22cm and assembled in accordance with the mandatory Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 'Safety of toys Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties'. Child use and care articles - Soothers.

Inspect carefully before each use. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. Please ensure your child is supervised at all times when using their Teething Treasure products. Babies can inhale, choke or swallow beads if the clip becomes damaged with excess use, therefore this product must be discarded after 3 months. Babies must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while in use. Do not use in cot, car seat, bassinet, pram or playpen and always remove while baby is sleeping, as a cord or ribbon attached to a dummy poses a strangulation hazard. Do not attach to accessories such as bibs or scarves. Clean with a damp cloth in lukewarm water and air dry after cleaning. Do not submerge in water.

Baby Pink Dummy Clip

  • Although sometimes we have stock on hand, these are generally made to order and take approx 1-2 weeks to be dispatched to you.